Rebecca holding Magical Nature Tarot Cards

Let me count the ways 

How I work with this tarot deck – a strange user’s manual 

I’ve written, on this website, about what working with this deck and the energy within it means to me. It dives into meditative/bodywork/energy healing processes.

Tarot is part of my every day. I work with tarot in MANY different ways and I want to share some of those here.

We are being very careful in not creating a specific “answer” section on the website – because this deck is so much about experiencing the cards, and your own intuitive response to it. We view the website as a living, expanding, growing experience. So continue to stop by the site and see what we have learned, unlearned, and relearned.

Some collective language and some specifics to the Magical Nature Tarot Deck

Major Arcana
Coven Cards

Major Arcana

The 22 cards with roman numerals (0 thru XXI) are at the top of the card.

The Major Arcana are collectively known as the “Trump cards,” and they represent the inner and outer journey of the Fool (the very first card).

They can represent dynamics, situations, archetypes, karmic energies, divination portals, solutions, people, ancestors, experiences, spiritual and physical journeys, and so on.

Minor Arcana

Four families of cards:

Cups. Water. West. A drop of dew, my saliva, the ocean, rivers, veins pumping with blood, all of the tears ever cried, a raindrop.  

Pentacles. Earth. North. Bone, teeth, a garden, the forest floor, mountains, the dirt under my fingernail, the dust on the bookshelf, the bodies of the ancestors 

Wands. Fire. South. Energy. Passion, digestion, gastric juices, the sun, a kiss, flowing lava, lightning strikes, the electrical pulse in the drumming of our hearts, 

Swords. Air. East. Oxygen. Our breath, incense wafting, tornados, spring breeze, hurricane winds, soft snoring of a loved one. 

Coven (Court/Face) Cards – Seeker, Apprentice, Mentor, Ancestor

In traditional tarot decks, each suit of cards contains a set of court cards or face cards. These cards are often the Page, Knight, Queen, and King. Each holds the meanings/ energies of their suit as well as individual meanings. With this Magical Nature Tarot deck, we are inviting you to expand out of traditional hierarchical ways of experiencing these cards. We have purposely not assigned direct correspondances in hopes that you will allow yourself the opportunity to experience these cards outside of systems of oppression. More information on ways to move within this experience is on this website.

Over the next few months I will be writing about some of these ways of being with the cards. Our vision for our monthly Magical Nature Tarot community group is to explore these and so many other ways of being in circle with the cards. 

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