• Guidance

    The experiences that lay before you here are your birthright. They are magical, they are somatic, they are visceral, and they are yours.This is the language of the plants, and it is woven into our very essence.You belong here. We belong to each other and to the plants, and they to us.This is plant speak,…

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  • The Directions, The Elements, and the Suits

    The Directions, The Elements, and the Suits

    The suits, the journeys within the journey, the elements, the four directions, the fractals, the body. These are The Universe remembering themselves over and over within you. From the acorn to the oak tree, the journey transmutes and transforms. When we begin to experience ourselves as belonging, something shifts on a cellular level. The ancestor wounds heal and…

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  • Seeker, Apprentice, Mentor, Ancestor: The Coven Cards.

    Seeker, Apprentice, Mentor, Ancestor: The Coven Cards.

    Greeting The Court (Coven) Cards in a different paradigm. Ah, the court cards or “face cards.” Here we call them Coven cards (noun: coven; plural noun: covens. A group or gathering of witches who meet regularly.)  Coven cards: Seeker, Apprentice, Mentor, Ancestor.  Traditionally, within tarot, each suit has a grouping of these cards that represent a…

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