14. Temperance

The moment when you take off the heavy backpack and feel the relief of release. The delicious feeling of unburdening and allowing your wings to unfurl. Balance in action. Bringing body systems and spirit into sacred alignment. Congruent ways of moving in the world. There’s a softening here, a calm balanced energy invited in. Allow yourself to bask in this moment, allowing your nervous system to regulate and replenish. Allow the breath to soften the muscles around your eyes. Check in with yourself – what chakras desire balance? Breathe into those spaces within you. 

*image description/ invocation/ incantation

A figure stands in the center of the card. An angel, an ascended being? The figure is dressed in a long gown of blues, and has a blue halo/aura at the head. Large purple wings spread out as the figure pours a rich blue/purple liquid from one chalice into another. The bare feet hardly touch the blue waves below. The background is glowing with yellows and golds. The sun shines from the upper corner, casting sunbeams throughout the background.

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