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  • Ken is Knowledge (how I met my personal guide)

    Ken is Knowledge (how I met my personal guide)

    By Marjorie Morgan Ken is my personal guide, and I met them through a beautiful and mysterious process: a creative channeling that extended over many months. The tool in my right hand moves across the slick surface like a knife,  spreading color instead of butter,  curving and swooping as my wrist leads my hand.  I…

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  • The Art of Creative Channeling

    The Art of Creative Channeling

    by Marjorie Morgan I’ve always been a very creative being, whether that was as a highly imaginative child or an artistically productive adult. Creativity is a common thread in my life that has helped me to metabolize my experiences and connect with other beings. As a child, I used a lot of that creative energy…

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  • Tarot in Community

    Tarot in Community

    by Rebecca Guanzon “Breathe out the known, and breathe in the unknown” Jane says as she leads us on a journey that we have been simply referring to as a “meditation”. Because collectively, we have no language for the places/ spaces that she takes us.  Tarot meetup. Tarot group. Every week for a year and…

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  • Ten ways to work with dreams (5 tips, 4 types and 1 outlier)

    Ten ways to work with dreams (5 tips, 4 types and 1 outlier)

    By Marjorie Morgan I have been a very active dreamer my whole life, but my night-time, other realm activity really took off soon after a dear friend suffered a traumatic event. I wanted to help her and all of my usual off-site tools (Reiki, prayer, intentions) didn’t seem to be doing much at all. So…

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