Welcome to a new way of engaging with tarot!

Magical Nature Tarot can be a tool to help us strengthen our instincts and reconnect with our own magical natures.

So many of us are used to outsourcing our wisdom… looking at guides, turning to readers, and being told what to do and what is true for us. Magical Nature Tarot asks us to look within. And the more we do, the more we find that this deck and the plants within it are welcoming us into a unique relationship. This is a relationship with our expansive selves, our powerful and magical selves that have always been part of us, and are ready to help guide us and deepen our experiences.

Whether you are brand new to tarot or are a seasoned practitioner, we invite you to enter into this process from where you are in this moment. All of your wisdom is valid in this practice! We have guidance and experiential suggestions on our website. 

Because this deck is so much about experiencing the cards and your intuitive responses to them, we are purposely not assigning specific meanings to each card. 

If this way of working with tarot is new or confusing to you, or if you know very little about tarot, please feel free to look online for specific card meanings and the general structure of tarot. This can to help orient you if you are feeling lost. We love the Little Red Tarot Library
We also have monthly Zoom Community Gatherings that are designed to help you work with the Magical Nature Tarot deck and build your intuitive skills. We hope you join us!

Our website is a living, expanding and growing hub of information designed for the Magical Nature Tarot Community. We hope you continue to stop by the site and see what we have learned, unlearned,  and relearned. 


The deck was created in Western Massachusetts as a collaboration between Marjorie Morgan and Rebecca Guanzon and over 25 different plants and foraged materials. Each card is a collage using bits of natural ink monotypes and natural dye eco prints (and a little bit of natural ink painting too). You can find more information about the different inks/dyes and their spiritual and/or medicinal properties by checking out the online deck guide at Magical Nature Tarot.

The deck comes with a QR code card to link you to this guide. The guide contains helpful insight on how to work with these unique cards, as well as an invitation to connect with Marjorie and Rebecca at monthly, online community meetings.

Magical Nature Tarot decks are printed on eco-herbage card stock. Herbage paper is a more sustainable form of paper and is made from herbaceous plants such as grass and leafy parts of plants used for pasturage. The box is printed on 100% recycled paper. Both the deck and box are printed with mostly soy-based inks and coated with a water-based varnish at a facility in China that is committed to ethical work practices and environmental sustainability. The QR code cards are printed on paper made from recycled t-shirts. 

Marjorie is a creative channel who received a summons to make a tarot deck. Magical Nature Tarot was created by them with the guidance of centuries-old tarot traditions and assistance from her guides (the SiNK Spirit Collective).

Rebecca Guanzon is an herbalist, energy healer, ​tarot reader, and co-owner of Wild Soul River (an abolitionist healing shop in Williamstown, MA).