Q: How were these cards made?
A: They were created in collaboration with over 25 different plants and foraged materials. Each card is a collage using bits of natural ink monotypes and natural dye eco prints (and a little bit of natural ink painting too). You can find more information about the different inks/dyes and their spiritual and/or medicinal properties by clicking on “The Art/Plants.”

Q: What kind of paper is this deck printed on? They have a soft feel to them and they seem to be off-white.
A: Magical Nature Tarot cards are printed on a new kind of card stock called “Eco Herbage.” It is a sustainable stock made from grass and leafy parts of plants. The box is made from 100% recycled paper and the QR code cards are printed on recycled t-shirts.

Q: I am new to the world of Tarot. How can I learn what each card means? 
A: Welcome! This guide is less about what each card means and more about how to trust your own intuition and connect with the natural world. We have a new page on this site, “Tarot for Total Beginners.” This can help to orient you to the world of tarot. And then you can dive into our other pages for guidance. We have a monthly online community gathering designed to help you connect with the cards and other practitioners. The link to sign up is found by clicking on “Community.” If you are looking for more traditional tarot card definitions, we suggest looking at the online library curated by Little Red Tarot.

Q: What is the SiNK Spirit Collective?
​A: SiNK is an acronym for Marjorie Morgan’s guides who helped her with this project.

Q: How do I contact the folks at Magical Nature Tarot?​
​A: The best way to reach us is to DM us on Instagram @magicalnaturetarot . We will try to respond as soon as we are able.


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