7. The Chariot

Healing is not linear. Time is not linear. Movement doesn’t need to be linear. Release yourself from the narrative of “beginning, middle, and ending”. You move at your pace, at your will. 

Summon yourself back to yourself by breathing deeply into the body.

Ground yourself in a way that feels true to you, and feel yourself planted in the ground. Bring awareness to your energy at the crown of your head. 

Remember your bliss. Remember your sheer will to survive. Remember your strength in that bone-crushing moment when you bore witness to your own brand of courage… when you realized your ability to transform and rebirth yourself into the bliss that was waiting to embrace you. The capacity to, in one single breath, shift. You have always been the very chariot that you longed for. 

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
A cloak of flowing shades of reds surrounds a person standing on a textured carpet rich with texture and deep-earth browns. The background beckons with shades of rolling blues, browns, and colors I don’t have words for. Movement and texture expand throughout.

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