2. The High Priestess


The belly breath. The exhale that feels like a ripe fruit dropping from the tree. Sacred sigh. Haaaaaahhhhhh. The gut knowings. The moment when you build the bridge of trust within yourself. Secrets simmer, mysteries disrobe, and your knowings deepen. Feel the crown of your head bloom open like a flower, ready to receive messages from The Divine. Your third eye chakra blinks open with a connection umbilicus to the primal gut response. These knowings integrate and are not separate. The belly breath expands and contracts, just as the moon moves through cycles of fullness, just as the tides ebb and flow. We remember oneness. We remember our divinity. As the medicines of the card undulate, the plant speak becomes palpable. Energies of The Crone beckon from the forest depths. The Crone has awakened.  

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
Upright figure standing/ floating with arms curved out. Left-hand palm down with a large drop of water dripping from the palm. Right-hand palm up… crescent moon suspended above. Dark-blue background with threads of light blue streaming through. Luminous/reflective-looking ground holds even more mystery.

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