1. The Magician 

Arm outstretched to the heavens, arm outstretched to the earth. The place between where anything is possible. You become the conduit of connection. Manifestation and alchemy are remembered within every cell.  Creations, visions, and inspired actions whisper in your soul. 

The textures of the card speak of the oldest of language – the knowing that has no language.

Chokeberry spills their color into this channeling. The magic of Chokeberry as a way of divining; brought into amulets and talismans that bring good luck to a person and protection.

This card bestows the tools for the journey… the new frameworks. 

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house.” ~Audre Lorde. 

The revolution speaks new tools into action and deep within you they begin to stir. 

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
Back view of a human wearing a blue/purple/white frock that appears to be moving in the wind. Long hair gathered in the back is light brown/red. Human has one hand open, palm facing the earth and one hand stretching up, holding cords attached to large moving shapes that remind me of flames, of balloons, of flower petals. These moving shapes are shades of orange and red. Human is facing a textured dreamscape that looks like clouds, sand, pebbles, and magic. Many shades of color and many textures flow in front of human and they hold the shapes that lead them into the ether. The plants speak here in shape, texture, in workings… our thinking mind struggles to grasp, but our spirit sings the messages.

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