11. Justice

The only way forward is together. Hold your vision, your dream, your hope. Hold it as you would a loved one – for indeed it is a loved one. Hold your truth and speak it out, clear your throat chakra. Invite singing, humming, and sounding into this moment. Loosen your jaw. Let your jaw drop in wonder and awe as you experience yourself holding this vision. Speak the words over and over to yourself that you have longed to hear. Speak this vision into being beloved. Pause here. Remember the path back to this place. Access it over and over again.  

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
A whisper of dark sky holds the rising of a large moon/circle/orb. Two separate arms are outstretched and clasping each other’s hands and the moon witnesses this union. The arms have different and colorful/textured sleeves. The skin of the woven hands and fingers are deep browns, deep peaches, and are entangled in a finger-laced, palm-to-palm embrace.

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