0. The Fool


Look at the images, the shapes, colors, and the movement. Feel the breath in your chest rise. Allow your sternum to lift, your heart chakra to unfurl, and your shoulders to fall back. This is the release. Release the weight of your own and others’ judgments and opinions. The path unfolds around you. You have decided to leap and the universe, your ancestors and guides are gathering you up. The energy you feel tingling through your body is adventure, risk and allowing. As Anaïs Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Within the weightlessness of this card, you begin to understand your ability to move between the realms into new paths. Begin to allow yourself the experience of reading this card as we would tea leaves, or cloud gazing. Soften your gaze. Look within. Let your heart drink the medicine of this card, and allow for the possibility that you are also indeed the medicine that you crave.

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
Human with brown skin and dark short hair leans back effortlessly off of an earthly ledge. Arms outstretched, face is peaceful, one foot placed on the many shades of brown earth. The sky billows with blues – deepest and lightest blue shade that we have no names for. Shapes and texture swirl behind and under human. Gravity seems to no longer exist and a floating energy is present. The shapes and colors touching the back of human make us look deeper – are there wings here? Are there many moons here? A light-colored orb gently touches the side of forehead/face. At the bottom left of the card, in the brown earth, is a small orb within an orb. A seed of beginning? A bulb reading itself to bloom? A stone holding a foundation? A zero?

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