5. The Hierophant


The time has come to take stock of our traditions. What do we need to divest from? Take stock of the small ways we have aligned with systems of oppression. New traditions are the medicine. We breathe from our throat chakra, the space in our body that holds our truths. All of the times when we were heard and every time that we were not heard… we pause and breathe here. These steps require brave actions. We speak our truths. We listen deeply to each other’s truth. We no longer speak the oracle – we become the very oracle spoken. 

The healing is in the telling”~Leslie Alexander 

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
A faceless figure stands facing the reader. Hands and face deep rich browns. Dressed in blue/purple/gold robes and cloak. Left hand holding a light blue orb, right hand holding a crescent moon between finger and thumb. Behind the figure are lighter browns shapes and lines that are reminiscent of ancient structures.

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