8. Strength


Number 8. The infinity symbol. The endless dialogue… The body says, “I am speaking,” and we respond, “I am listening.” The universe says, “I am speaking,” and we respond, “I am listening.” Unlearning of troupes about being strong. Retelling this narrative is the bravest of work. 

Roar beloved roar. Roar your truth, roar your capacity for compassion. Locate this sound in the body and unleash its thunder. Weld plant is woven into the colors of this card – weld being one of the most ancient dyes dating back to 1,000 BCE. Humans have been working with this plant for millennia. Join the energy of the ancestors and the plant ancestors as we move and roar with this experience. 

*image description/ invocation/ incantation
A lion lays in the center, powerful paws gently folded, patterns of plants woven into their luscious mane. Gold and browns layer with print and pattern in ways that invite longer looking… with second sight.

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