18. The Moon

The unknown. The mystical mysteries all around and within us. This card invites us to build a bridge of trust with our intuitive nature…our magical nature. Messages from our unconscious and subconscious bubble up… things that we might not even have language for, the things we don’t have a linear understanding of. This card signifies our inner howls. All of the experiences that we don’t have language for…The sounds, the movements, the breaths that tell a story…..

The moon asks us to trust the process, to trust ourselves. The moon only lights the path a few steps at a time. As someone very dear to me says; “Breathe out the known and breath in the unknown.”  

 *image description/ invocation/ incantation 

A huge wolf whose fur is made of plant shapes lifts its head, mouth open. Looking at the card you can hear the primal howl of the wolf of ourselves. A brilliant full moon illuminates the dark night sky. Look closely at the sky, what do you see looking back?

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