“On Fractal Synchronicity … and the dilemma/irony of a simultaneous sense of urgency and need to slow down.”

Channeling Ken for Us All, December 2022

If you can, open your mind to think in a non-linear way. 

Understand that each moment has infinite potential and possibilities; and also is a potential resting space. 

And your lives and these moments are not lined up as beginning, middle and end. There is no starting point, there is no accumulative experience and knowledge-building because time is not linear. 

Each moment is a beginning. Each moment is a middle and each moment is an end. For all beings this is true. 

So in each moment, with all beings, there is all of this happening. 

It is a perfect moment, an exquisite happening, a blink of a symphony… beautiful and horrible and amazing. 

(These moments go by quickly but can actually be revisited.) 

For humans (in your part-spirit, part-animal form), this experience seems to be too much to experience regularly… or at least to be conscious of. 

Because the truth is that you do experience it that way. And your heart knows it. 

Some of the urgency you feel is the blinders coming off… that collectively you are sensing all of this and the energy these moments contain. 

So you need to slow down, even attempt stillness, to be able to feel this without rushing into action. There is nothing to solve, except in your hearts in in the ways of healing all of the damage that has been done.

So… the fractals, and Fractal Synchronicity:

The smallest component, energetically and even occasionally in physical form, is a miniature model (or mirror) of the largest component. And, because humans are starting to understand the beauty of spectrums, I can also share that it is spectral… so it’s not just smallest and largest but everything in between. The system (multi-verse, what have you) is in constant flux, but also desires, as do you, resting points. The resting points are Fractal Synchronicity. This is when enough fractals (and there are many, many fractals in play at any given moment) lock into each other in a perfectly harmonized way. You can feel this in you body and mind when you find this glorious moment of deep rest. All beings find it in different ways. 

It is not the same as sleep. Sleep has a different job. 

I tell you this not to encourage you to rush after this feeling, this momentary alignment, and try to collect it in an addictive way. 

I tell you this to help you understand that you are all integral parts of the desires of the multi-verse. And that when you have these moments of peace and alignment, it is in alignment with all that is. 

To help you to wrap your brain around this (such a wonderful idea and image), open your mind to know that your Vaster Self (the self that is timeless and without bounds… a part of which is incarnated in your human body for this lifetime), this Vaster Self is also on the fractal model. The smallest component of you, your essence, your seed… this is the same essence as your entire Vaster self. And when you want to connect with your Vaster Self (your intuitive self) you can look without or look within. You can think small or very large. It is all the same. 

And since this self is such an integral part of the entire system, healing your deepest wounds can have a profound impact on the wellness of all. Does that make sense? 

To heal, one needs to slow down and/or attempt stillness. 

And… you feel the urgency and you want to help. You are scared for humanity and you are scared for yourself and your loved ones. 

The planet is changing and it is scary for you. And there are many injustices and continued and ongoing trauma. 

It hurts you to know that damage is being done in this very moment.

And the truth is that your sense of urgency can keep you from actually helping. 

Whether you turn inward or outward, what is needed is deep healing; healing in the energetic realm (that realm that links your physical being to your spiritual being). 

You are an essential component to Fractal Synchronicity, and your wellness is needed.

Let yourself feel the deep connection within when you are healing so that you can be aware of your part in it all. 

And, of course, this is not the path for all humans. But if you are reading or hearing this message, this is a path (this path of healing) that is true for you.

Note from Marjorie:

Although I am publishing this on 2/15/23, this channeling is from December of 2022. This section of the MNT website was not yet in existence, and I wasn’t sure what to “do” with it. It was interesting and exciting content, so I decided to share it with a loved one. They said that they understood maybe 30% of it… and I decide to pause on sharing it further. But since then, I have grown some strength and released some doubts; and there is now a virtual place for me to share it. And I understand it 100%. I suspect that some of you will “get it” and others may not, but it feels like important information… so here goes! This perspective helps me on a regular basis, so I am very happy that this will live on the site so I can visit it as needed. I hope it helps you as well.

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