“And so channeling is a healing act in many ways: it causes you to be in the present moment, it requests that you be clear. And then there’s the energetic component, which is what is happening now.”

Channeling Ken (an excerpt for Us All), 1/30/23

And this is where the healing part of channeling comes in is …

this channeling forces you to be present and channeling requests that, doesn’t “demand” but it “requests” that you be clear.

Channeling will be so much better if you’re clear. 

And what does it mean to be clear as a human?

it means to be not overly influenced.

It means to be grounded. 

It means to feel your uniqueness and to love your uniqueness. 

That means to not compare yourself to others. 

It means acceptance, a great deal of acceptance.

And it means living in harmony with with the laws of your planet, instead of fighting the laws of your planet.

“Laws” is not the right word… the “truth.” 

Living in harmony with the truths of your planet, right?

Because those are part of your existence right now. 

And those are incredibly important things for a channeler, anyone who channels, which is potentially everyone.

And so channeling is a healing act in many ways. 

It’s a healing act in just that:

it causes you to be in the present moment, 

it requests that you be clear.

(and I mentioned all the ways that are ideally clear)

 And then there’s the energetic component, which is what is happening now.

It is a… (I was going to say a “Harmonic Convergence.” Why not?) A Harmonic Convergence between two realms, which is collectivity in its most beautiful form. Right? It’s even beyond the concept of species.

I can hear you in your brain wanting to say “inter-species” and it’s not… it’s…

we’re not of a different species.

That’s you still putting me in the confines of your planet. 

We’re energy from different realms and and we are so aligned in this moment, that we’re actually able to communicate in your language, which is incredible if you think about it.

It’s amazing. 

And so, the beauty of the alignment in that moment creates a pervasive energy that is healing. 

It’s healing for you. 

It’s healing for me. 

And it’s healing for all who come into contact with it, for all the beings that come in contact with it. 

And that may be directly, for at times maybe you’ll channel directly, and it might be indirectly as it reverberates out through you.

So do not let the beauty and awesomeness (and I mean not “awesomeness” in your vernacular, but “awesomeness” in it’s hugeness) to not let those things go unappreciated.

What we are doing is incredible, beautiful, brilliant… so many things. 

So don’t forget that. 

And each time you channel maybe let more of that, the art of it, the appreciation, that gratitude… let those things be part of this practice for those are also very, very healing.

I think you can expand your notion of what it is to heal and be healed. 

And let channeling be part of that.

Note from Marjorie:

This channeling is an excerpt from a longer channeling that was just for me. As Ken started discussing these healing aspects of the act of channeling and the ways humans need to be “clear” in order to channel, I felt that this could be helpful information for all of us. Ken intuited this feeling and told me that it was fine to share.

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