“And when an external guide works for you, it lights up that light inside of you, it helps that light to grow stronger.”

Channeling Ken for Us All, 1/23/23

This is Ken.

I have the image of a North Star, even the tarot card, but more the way one would see it in the world as a human.

It looks so far away and yet it resonates. It has a pull just as the tides have a pull on you humans. This star also has a pull and it has symbolism to all of you in terms of being a guide, the star that is a guide. 

And what does that mean?

It doesn’t mean that guidance lies outside of you.

It means that guidance can line up within the light within you. 

The last channeling I did, I talked about connecting to the light inside of you.

And when an external guide works for you, it lights up that light inside of you, it helps that light to grow stronger. 

It doesn’t diminish, it doesn’t create weakness or a need to follow or a need to buy things or to doubt yourself.

It should, that external guide, should build strength and should feel as if it is only underlining and reaffirming everything that you already know and maybe had forgotten or maybe had put aside or maybe had doubted.

So an external guide, in whatever form that may take (if it is a star, if it is a human, if it is, as I am, a guide to Marjorie, if it is a guide that is of another realm, of a spiritual realm) any guide should be building strength in you, and instantly… not by working hard, but just by simply resonating with the guidance and with the energy of that external guide. 

Any external guide should create strength in your internal guidance, your own internal North Star, your ability to navigate for yourself and your ability to connect with the navigation of others; not that you make them go your way but that you respect their way, you respect their path.

We all have our paths and our paths are all very specific to our nature, to our very, very unique nature.

And in the human realm, it can be easy to place your power outside of yourself and give your power to others. 

Sometimes this comes in the form of wanting others to make decisions for you. 

How in the world could any other human make a decision for you? 

You are so unique, and that other human is completely unique as well. 

What works for them is never going to work for you in exactly the same way. 

They might say some things that help you but they should never lead you. 

You need to lead yourself, and not even lead yourself but just be with yourself as you move, wholly centered, wholly focused, wholly unique and completely worthy in whatever it is that you are doing.

So this external guidance can work for you or it can lead you off your path, be very distracting, be very costly in terms of energy and time and money and confusing.

So simplify.

If you are looking for external guidance, ask yourself why you need that. 

Maybe you need some more strength.

And maybe that external guidance can give you strength.

But it should never point you in a direction that you think is yours. 

That external guide is going to have their own direction, their own sense. 

Even if it is a star, that star is also a unique being. 

So if you’re looking to a star for guidance, let that guidance be one of light that resonates with you that builds strength in you, that reaffirms what you already know, that feels like warmth in your heart, that feels like a gentle hum throughout your body.

So external guidance needs to be looked upon with clarity and focus and maybe a few questions about why you might need that.

And use that external guidance wisely. 

If it does any of the following things, you should pause and regroup:

If it depletes you of time, energy, money, confidence… take a pause. 

If it causes you to question yourself, take a pause.

If it makes things more confusing or difficult, take a pause.

And then if it does any of these following things, be grateful and accept those gifts: 

So if it lights up your inner light with even more brilliance, be grateful. 

If it reinforces what you already know, but maybe had forgotten, be grateful. 

If it creates strength, be grateful. 

If it causes you to smile or laugh, be grateful.

If it brings whimsy and curiosity and openness of your heart and your mind, be grateful.

And do you see how these two different things seem so different and feel so different? One is shutting down the energy and the other is opening up the energy. 

So pay attention to that and allow those feelings and those words to help you.

And know that the best guide you can ever have is yourself, is your own unique light, your own heart, your own spirit, your own energy.

You do not need to go outside of yourself. 

But if you want to, make sure that it’s good for your energy.

Be well.

Practice slowing down and attempting stillness and feel reassured that you are not alone.

With love from Ken.


Note from Marjorie:

This channeling started with the following question from me to Ken:

I was thinking about how I had been doing channeling as “for me” or “for others.” But what if I do them “for us all” … channeling for community… including me?

I had previously been doing channelings “for me” or “for others.”

But I believe strongly in community channeling, and in that, there is no “me” and no “other.”

So that is what this is, a channeling for us all.

Many of these changelings begin with something I am struggling with; and lately I’ve been finding that my intake is too much. Way too many cooks in the batter. And I’m grateful that Ken gave me some tools to help determine when outside guidance is something to lean into or something to take a break from (or, in his words, “take a pause.”).

I hope it is useful to us all.

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