“And this hierarchical way of thinking about your quote unquote ‘lifespan’ takes you out of what is the most precious thing about this experience you are having, which is the present moment.”

Channeling Ken for Others, 1/18/23

Hello, this is Ken.

Whatever course you may think you’re on can be limited by the filters in your life.

This path, this notion of a path (I’ve spoken to Marjorie about this many times), is very limited by how humans visualize progress, growth and even literal paths, be they roads or trails in the woods or some type of mechanism from getting from one place to another.

Your path as a human is not about getting from one place to another. 

It is not linear. 

It is more circular or more even like a three-dimensional, expanding sphere with your essential self at the core of this and your vaster self being the outermost dimensions, which are ideally expanding and growing.

There is movement in and out, of course, so at times this sphere gets smaller, at times this sphere gets larger. 

And your experience as a human in your life is somewhere in between this core, this seed of who you are, and the outermost reaches of your vaster self.

And as a human, part of what you’re doing in your experience, in this quote, unquote “path” is to experience and to enable growth and expansion of this sphere of yours. 

And all beings have these… “sphere” is not exactly right, but it’s it’s hard to explain.

The reason I bring this up is to help you understand the importance of each moment. And in your culture, you are taught that you are born and then you have this lifetime: you have a childhood, you have an adolescence, you have the quote unquote “adult” life (which you are taught is the most, is the longest part of your life and sometimes you are taught is the most important part of your life) and then you have the years when your body is starting to shift and change and move towards the end of your physical self which is called “old age.”

And you’re already taught in your culture to to have a hierarchical way of thinking about even your own lifespan, that the adult time is the most important time, is the most productive time, the time when you are supposed to have children and make money and to achieve. 

The other time, your childhood, is the time that you’re supposed to build a foundation on which to become a productive and successful adult.

And the adolescent time is a time to make this transition from child to adult.

And the old age time is the time to start to set aside any ideas of success or ambition and to just wistfully think back on all of your life.

And I must tell you that all of this is a lie. 

This hierarchical, linear way of thinking about this precious life that you have causes you to dissociate from other parts of yourself and also to not value all of these parts of you in every moment. 

And in every moment… you are a child, adolescent, adult and older human in every moment.

Your experiences can allow this vaster self of yours to expand or contract or expand or contract.

And this takes you out of this way, this linear way. 

And this hierarchical way of thinking about your quote unquote “lifespan” takes you out of what is the most precious thing about this experience you are having, which is the present moment.

So how to find these moments again, how to break free from all of these things?

First, it can be helpful (it’s a bit of an intellectual exercise, but it can be helpful) to understand why these systems have been put in place so that you don’t take them personally. 

It’s not about you. 

And if you break free from them, you’re not doing anything wrong.

You are manipulating the situation in which you find yourself and you are liberating yourself, even if it’s momentarily, from the constraints that have been put on your human experience

And these constraints… I was talking about expansion and contraction…

these constraints can cause severe contraction of your precious vaster self, of your most beautiful unique entity.

And being so, even if it’s just moment by moment, it is worth breaking free of these limited ways of experiencing.

And they are, they are just structural. 

And like I said they are not personal.

They are, they were, and still are, some humans’ ways and systems of creating systems to enhance power and create money and things that really don’t have to do with your essential being.

So, how to break free from this?

First of all, to understand a bit about of it, and to to notice it when it comes up, to see it when it comes up, to question it when it comes up. 

So if you’re having any little thought in which you feel that, as an adult, you’re somehow better than your quote unquote “childhood” self was, or than you might be as an older person, recognize that and know that that is not the truth of your experience. 

And question that.

Question why you might have been taught this and why there are systems that support this so that you have an understanding.

And the understanding is helpful so that you don’t take it in as part of who you are; that you have some separation between the systems and the constraints that you find yourself in and who you are essentially as a glorious creature.

And then you can find some space in which to experience yourself and to have some, some (Marjorie and I have been talking a bit about boundaries, this is about boundaries) to have some boundaries around your essential (Marjorie likes the word “magical”) self and the systems that you find yourself in; and, and to create some space with understanding.

And then when you have found that space,

Allow yourself to slow down and to attempt stillness,

and to reach deep into yourself and contact the light within.

And when you contact that light within, you can feel warmth in your system.

You can feel opening, and your heart center.

You can sometimes feel a sense of calm and peace.

And this is a gift that you can give yourself.

Then, when you’ve had (and it can take just a moment), when you’ve had a moment inside this beautiful space of light, the light of who you are…

when it’s time for you to step out of that and reenter these fabricated structures in which you find yourself, you will be a bit stronger. 

You will have more of a flavor of your essential self in all your interactions. 

And that will impact others and that will give you strength and that will give you perspective. 

So I encourage you to try this practice.

It has… I’ll see if I can break it down again…

First is to recognize the systems that are causing these constraining and constricting notions of who you are and what your experience is. 

Notice them, understand what they’re about. 

Understand that they’re not about you personally, and create some boundaries between you and those systems to give yourself some space.

And inside that space that you have created, practice slowing down, practice attempting stillness.

Reach into your innermost being and contact the light within and be with that light for just a moment. 

Feel the effects of it.

Feel the beauty of it.

And then when it’s time to reengage..

mindfully, purposefully re enter those systems in which you find yourself; 

and see if that connection with your light can give you a fuller sense of who you are moment to moment.

And it’s not important just for you, but that sensation that you have, that way of being that will start to grow, will impact others in very healing and beautiful ways.

So I give you this practice. 

I wish you all the very best and I send you love.


A note from Marjorie:

This channeling is so special to me (and maybe will also be for you) because Ken shares a practice so that I/we can enter into these ideas with some kind of strategy. Ken has shared many, many practices with me over the past few years; and one of my biggest challenges is to actually DO them, and not just be in awe of how cool they are. This one is very concrete, so I am going to try and engage with the practice, maybe even right after I finish writing this. So, I hope you enjoy this channeling and I hope you try the practice. I will envision us doing it together.

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