“What channeling is about and what it is.”

Channeling Ken for Others, 1/12/23

So hello, this is Ken.

And I am sharing information with people other than Marjorie because this is something she would like to do and we are going to try. 

I feel that something that is helpful to communicate with all of you is what channeling is about and what it is. 

Years ago when I was in the process of training Marjorie… 

Marjorie is still in training. 

We are working now on…. she has become quite adept with channeling, and what we are moving towards now is around the healing aspects of channeling, which is actually news to Marjorie. 

She doesn’t even know this. Now she does. 

So years ago, when I divulged to Marjorie that what I was doing was training her to become a channel, channeler, she was very taken aback and was confused and overwhelmed. 

And she asked, rightly so, What will I be channeling? 

And I told her that she would be channeling love. 

And this is true, and this is what happens when I channel through, when Marjorie is a channel for me. 

Now my job in working with Marjorie… I’m a personal channel. 

That’s just… that’s not my name. 

And we don’t have titles, but that is a differentiation between one kind of channel and another that Marjorie stumbled upon in a book and it sounded right so that’s what we call me. 

I am her personal channel. 

And what that means is that my focus truly is on helping Marjorie first. 

And it has been a very helpful thing for Marjorie. 

It’s a… she at times has thought of it as having her own personal self help guru at hand. And wouldn’t that be nice for everyone? 

And everyone does have the potential to channel. 

I can just focus on my job now, which is really with Marjorie. 

But there are things that I can share with you about channeling that I think could be helpful for all of you. 

Many humans, especially now for a number of reasons, are excited and curious and maybe even hungry for larger perspective and connection with entities and other realms. 

The excited part is wonderful.

The curious part is wonderful. 

The Hungry part is something to watch out for. 

Because grasping and hunger can make your channel very cloudy. 

So when you have… 

Okay, here’s how it works:

As a human, you have the potential to open yourself up for communication with entities from other realms.

All humans have this potential, and other beings have this potential as well. 

Other beings, I’m thinking of mushrooms in particular, do this seamlessly. 

They do it constantly. 

They do it all the time. 

It’s just part of their nature.

Humans are very complicated beings. 

And so you’ve also made the art of channeling very complicated. 

You’ve loaded it with words and ideas and money and media, all sorts of things.

But really, in its purest form, it is energy moving through you from another entity.

And the energy doesn’t need to go anywhere. 

It can just move through you and out. 

And that energy, ideally, is is clear and is loving.

The energy is full of love. 

Channeling is really about love and and growth and connection. 

Because humans lack perspective in general, it also is about that: that channeling can help to give humans perspective. 

So think about when you look at your… the land area on which you might live, that you are looking at it from the perspective of a two-legged creature standing on the planet, standing on that land.

And the perspective is quite different if you were to be a bird, say, flying over that land, It’s the same… you’re looking at the same things but you are looking at them from an entirely different perspective. 

So a bird has a different view, and an entity from another realm also has a different view. 

We are aware of what goes on on this planet and we are quite diverse in (how to say?) quite diverse in the materials, I suppose you could say, “the matter” of which we are composed. 

And some of us, myself included, have been human, have been in human form before and currently are not. 

And Marjorie I have discussed this. 

The times that I have been human were quite a long time ago and my experience as a human was very, very different from Marjorie’s experience. 

And yet it allows me to have a more human voice. 

It allows me to have a more… a sense of warmth. 

Some entities that get channeled can come across as very cold or robotic. 

And so part of the reason that I sound so human is because I was human so I can adapt that. I take it on.

And it makes the channeling easier for Marjorie, it makes it less scary. 

And it allows her to doubt it less, although she does doubt it quite a lot. 

And all channelers doubt, all human channelers I shall say, doubt the truth of what their capabilities are and the truth of the beautiful wisdom and love that is coming through them. 

So part of a channeler’s job is to is to try to lessen their doubt. 

I don’t know if it’s possible to get rid of it entirely. 

Another thing a channel has to do is to try to be as clear as they can. 

So, a channel is taking information from another entity and taking it through their own mind, their own experiences, their own language and and putting it out into the world. Sometimes just for them, sometimes for others. 

In this case this is for others.

Usually with Marjorie, it is just for her. 

So being a clear channel as a human is not an easy situation. 

And Marjorie has, as many channelers have had, a traumatic past and that can cloud things. 

Anything from a human’s past will cloud the channeling, anything at all. 

So there are some channels that might have a strong sense of religion in their channeling. 

There are channels that might have different voices or accents, the channel’s name.

All of these things are because they’re being filtered through the human, and the humans have vast and complicated histories that it goes beyond even just their one lifetime, but it’s very influenced by parents and grandparents and relatives and media and systems of government and other things.

It’s it’s very, it can get very cloudy. 

So a channel’s job is to be as clear as they possibly can. 

And this is something that I’m not sure is appreciated by people who don’t channel… that being clear means putting yourself aside, and that is very hard for humans to do. It’s so that that is a little bit about channeling. 

What else might be good to share with you all about channeling?

All channeling that comes through, if it’s done in a in a healthy manner, is to help humans move closer to Source, to help humans evolve… which just means “change.” 

It doesn’t mean that you get better it just means that it keeps humans from repeating the same mistakes over and over again. 

It can move you into new realms of growth and new rounds of change. 

And one of the things that it is most helpful for is that thing that I mentioned before: it’s very helpful for perspective, for a different view on what you already are experiencing. Our view is, as other entities is, really quite large and quite timeless. 

I talk with Marjorie quite a bit about the nature of time. 

It is is fast, it is without form. It is not linear. It is creative, and it is dynamic. 

And those of us who are not locked into this human experience, current human experience of time, have a different take on things and a larger perspective and that is helpful. 

And then another thing that I mentioned earlier as well is this thing about the energy of love.

And that is also one of the reasons why channeling is so helpful and and and healing for humans is that the healing energy of love comes through with channeling whether or not you understand what’s being said. 

You are just a human who is experiencing channeling.

Whether you are the one directly experiencing it or indirectly experiencing, you are open to the healing power and energy of love. 

And it can be as simple as that. 

It doesn’t have to reorient your way of thinking.

It can just give you some healing. 

And that’s a beautiful thing. 

So I will leave it at that for now and Marjorie will transcribe this and possibly put this in written form and, and we’ll go from there. 

This is an experiment.

And I appreciate all of you who put your eyes on this material and open your hearts to this way of interaction and connection. 

So may you all be well.


A note from Marjorie:

This was one of the most loving channelings I have even experienced (and I have experienced so many); and not because the information was so profound, but because I really felt the love and generosity of Ken. Sometimes, as Ken mentioned, channeling is quite hard. It’s hard to focus. I sometimes feel quite serious. This channeling was light and playful and easy. And I’m very encouraged that maybe Ken and I have reached an easy fluidity in this new way of channeling (channeling for others). So stay tuned!

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