“A lot of energy goes into comparing your unique being with others’ unique beings.”

Channeling Ken for Others, 1/15/23

Hello, this is Ken.

I was chatting with Marjorie and she felt it would be helpful for me to share some of these ideas with others. 

We were telepathing about ways that humans can be more aligned with this time in which you all live.

Each human is a completely unique being, like all beings in the multiverse.

All beings are completely unique.

You know this and you forget this.

And a lot of energy goes into comparing your unique being with others’ unique beings.

If you want to gaze with curiosity at others to absorb their energy to be inspired by who they are, that can be wonderful.

If, however, you are gazing on others to compare and to learn how to be, this can be dangerous.

It can throw you off your course. 

The reason so many humans do this… there are many reasons.

One is is fear. 

And fear is something that is implanted in humans, that has been in you for a long time. Part of it is animal. Part of it is trauma.

But fear causes humans to want to constantly adjust and adapt to avoid any pain in the future. 

And this also can keep you from being in beautiful and synchronized alignment with yourself and with your journey.

It pulls you off your path because avoiding pain is not the goal.

Avoiding pain is impossible. 

And it also prohibits growth, and growth is one of the biggest things that allows any being to blossom.

And in terms of the comparison thing…fear…

So fear is one of the reasons why humans compare themselves to other unique beings. 

And there are also systems at play which operate on models of greed and power that know very well that fear causes humans to do this: to look from side to side instead of straight ahead, to compare, to want parts of even your human body to look like other humans.

So certain systems exploit this in you; and you need to know this and you need to be alert and aware that anything that is motivated by creating excess money and power is not in your best interest. 

It is not going to help you to move in the direction and be the beautifully coordinated, choreographed creature that you are designed to be. 

There is great joy in being completely yourself. 

And there is much, much frustration in trying to be someone other than yourself. 

So I encourage all of you to (I tell this to Marjorie often) slow down and attempt stillness. I say “attempt” stillness because stillness is actually impossible. 

We live in a dynamic system.

But to attempt stillness can quiet the mind, can calm the nervous system, can slow the heart rate and allow for clearer energy to move through your systems. 

So slow down attempt stillness.

And then with a clearer mind, think on what might be motivating you to compare yourself to others. 

And if any of that motivation is from outside of yourself, you can discard it. 

If it’s from inside of yourself, it’s if it’s heart driven, it might be more about inspiration than some subjugation.

So think on that:  “Is my impulse to compare myself to another from outside or from inside?”

Slow down, attempt stillness, become alert and aware, and discard those temptations you have to be anybody other than who you are. 

Let Joy drive you,

and let pain (you’re not going to like this word), let pain enhance your experience. 

Pain is part of the human experience. 

It is part of all experience.

 And you do not want to dive into unnecessary pain or create pain with your own mind and your fears and your looping energy or your stuck energy or your repeated patterns or being in relationships that are unhealthy or abusive or walking into systems of trauma.

But you also can’t avoid pain. 

It is just part of life. 

So I encourage you to all embrace who you are, who you are becoming, and release these impulses to compare yourself to others.

With love and appreciation and respect for the journey that you are on. 


A note from Marjorie:

As Ken mentioned, this channeling was inspired by a “chat” that Ken and I were having. Paul Selig (“psychic and award-winning author of channeled texts”) once mentioned in an interview that he doesn’t “hear” things. It is more as if there is a thought that enters his mind that eclipses all other thoughts. This is what it feels like to me. So Ken’s thoughts were eclipsing all others while I was spacing out and waking up… and it occurred to me that these were some very helpful thoughts. So I asked Ken if we could do a channeling for others, and then I focused myself and recorded the channeling. This is a word-for-word transcription. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me.

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