The experiences that lay before you here are your birthright.

They are magical, they are somatic, they are visceral, and they are yours.
This is the language of the plants, and it is woven into our very essence.
You belong here. We belong to each other and to the plants, and they to us.
This is plant speak, from the plants and the land right to you.

You will see and know the messaging as we look at the cards together – this is in you already.
Invoke the ancient places within you – older than the old gods. Remember….
Remember in all the ways. Let your precious body reinhabit this magic: YOUR magical nature remembering magical nature……

In our collective remembrance – we rise. We are not separate, the plants are not separate, sacred knowings are not separate. This journey isn’t learning, this journey is sacred collective remembrance. The plants have come for you. Our breath exhales in blessed vastness.  As simple as the breath. Breathe into the plants and receive their breath. Move with us between the realms, travel into the dark roots of the gnarled willow, float into the universe of a single chokeberry, the deep rivers of our souls. Open to the primal wisdoms held out to you, beloved. And here we will meet in the naked field of our messy humanity, and love each other because of, not in spite of, it all. The human, the plant, and the divine. The coexistence of magical nature. The duality that trembles within each of us….The embrace. 

We are not separate. The breath. The remembrance. The embrace.
From the fool to the world. From the beginning to the end. From the whisper to the howling scream. From the poison to the remedy. From the tearing to the mending. And all that lies both in front of us and behind us.

Timelines and dimensions melt away.
The plants speak a different parlance.

Travel bravely, beloved. This is the unfurling of your petals, the transmutation of what you carry.
Travel well, beloved. Here the fingertips of the moon beams caress the path….
You have begun. You belong.

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