The Directions, The Elements, and the Suits

The suits, the journeys within the journey, the elements, the four directions, the fractals, the body.

These are The Universe remembering themselves over and over within you. From the acorn to the oak tree, the journey transmutes and transforms. When we begin to experience ourselves as belonging, something shifts on a cellular level. The ancestor wounds heal and the ancestral medicine ascends. 
The invitation is to understand these suits as you allow the plants to speak. They are part of you, part of your lineage; and they have been for millennia. The plants offer to you this remembrance, this knowing. Traveling within the suits, we inhabit the elements and the directions. The primal everything springs forth from these. We often long for a guide, a “how-to”, a recipe. Because recognizing that we already know crumbles the very foundations of toxic structures. This can be a brave act of love, and of revolution.

Allow these words to act as a different source of “guide”: a portal into your liminal spaces, into your ancestral knowledge, perhaps the very channeling from which they came. No one will ever read these cards in the way you do. Every reading will be different and always amplified in community. Bearing witness, the sacred act/art of bearing witness. The collective. This is alchemy. 

The suits, the elements, and the directions exist within us. How deep do we want to go?
The invitation rings in my ears. M said to me today; “What do you want to bring and what do you want to let go of?”

Listening to the plants is a different sort of listening. As we make our way on this path we recognize that trying to assign stand-alone, brief, individual meanings to the cards could be reductionist at best. Let us learn to listen in new ways as the collective… to the collective. This means unlearning and trusting what may feel like new sensations. Let us begin to reclaim and tell the stories of the plants, the cards, the fractals, the ancestors, and our bodies. We will tell the story of the plants, the creation of the cards, the magical nature of the cards, and the magical nature of self as not separate from the cards. Tell the story. This is the medicine. 

Cups. Water. West. A drop of dew, my saliva, the ocean, rivers, veins pumping with blood, all of the tears ever cried, a raindrop.  

Pentacles. Earth. North. Bone, teeth, a garden, the forest floor, mountains, the dirt under my fingernail, the dust on the bookshelf, the bodies of the ancestors. 

Wands. Fire. South. Energy, passion, digestion, gastric juices, the sun, a kiss, flowing lava, lighting strikes, the electrical pulse in the drumming of our hearts, 
Swords. Air. East. Oxygen, our breath, incense wafting, tornados, spring breeze, hurricane winds, soft snoring of a loved one.

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